There are two names associated with my blog. They are Laude and Warren. My full name is actually Laude Warren Hays. I am a junior named after my father. Laude is from the Latin word “laud’ which means praise and comes from the bible, “glory, laud and honor.” I am extremely blessed my mom and dad did not name me “glory” or “honor.” Laude is tough enough.

I am a Senior Law Enforcement Chaplain for The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Service In Sonoma County and have served in this capacity for 10 years. I also pastor Alexander Valley Christian Fellowship in Alexander Valley about 7 miles north east of Healdsburg, Ca. I serve as Chaplain for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, offices in Santa Rosa, Ca. I am also a Chaplain and Board Member for The West Coast Post Trauma Retreat in Inverness, Ca. The program is one of two in the U.S. and is a 5 day residental program for first responders who are suffering from extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I serve on The Board Of Directors for Lifechangers, a ministry of Bob and Eric Mumford which includes teaching ministry in the states and an orphanage in Uganda. I also serve on The Board Of Directors for Emmanuel Ministries, Juarez, Mexico which is a mission including a home and school for unwanted children, a medical and dental clinic. In my spare time I sing, play keyboard and guitar.

I have been married for 46 years and have two sons, five grandchildren. My wife’s name is Becky and she is a pastoral counselor for The Manna Home, a 10 month residental recovery program in Santa Rosa, Ca. My wife and I met when she was still in high school back in 1961. We were on a triple blind date and she was actully my friends date. The first time I asked her out she said no. The pursuit was on! It took a while, but she got tired of me asking and finally said yes.

I am interested in many things but mostly music and nature. I love to walk in the woods, the mountains, along the streams, through the valleys, meditating and contemplating life.  Above music and nature is my love of people and desire to be an encourager and uplifter. I love the people in the church I pastor and I am reaching out more and more to those outside of church and those outside my belief system. I am learning much from them but especially how to love and not judge.


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  1. Warren, your blogs are pretty cool. I always loved the alexander valley area, it must be great to live there, except for the poison oak. have a great holiday season-JD

    • Jim,

      I don’t live in Alexander Valley but I would love to. We still live in Santa Rosa but would like to get back to the Healdsburg area. Thanks for your comment.
      I will never forget chasing you around youth camp. Actually you were the most polite kid there.


  2. love your blogging Warren!! thank you for generously sharing the gift of your life. You have inspired me for years and I look forward to more years to come.
    blessings to you my friend.

    • Jean,

      I sent a reply on my IPhone, wasn’t sure it got through. The message was regarding the woman of integrity you are and how much I appreciate and am honored by your feedback.
      We prayed for you this morning, stay safe, set the captives free as you make the difference.

      Love & Blessings

  3. Hello,

    My name is Mary and you don’t know me. I was searching through the Sonoma County for a fellowship with believers that are on the same path in Christ. Your last letter was about the Holy Spirit leading us on a journey to a cross of death instead of comfort and contemplation. My favorite verse in the bible is Isaiah 61………….The Spirit of the lord is on me to bind up the broken hearted and to go and set the captives free. My testimony is long and the road has been difficult , but Jesus has been right there beside me all the way.

    I am looking for a place to minister as well as fellowship in your area. I am 62 and I have two grown daughters that live in Santa Rosa. Claire is a nurse at Kaiser in San Rafael and Genevieve (my eldest daughter recently moved to Santa Rosa. I currently live in Porterville Ca.. I work with special needs children with the school district here. I have always had a heart for children and have been involved with at risk kids my entire life.

    I would like to move closer to my daughters and be involved with a ministry like yours in reaching people who are in need of the love of Christ working through us to heal and mend.

    I will pray for your ministry in Juarez, Mexico and for protection when you go.

    I will be 62 this summer and will have a little income from social Sec. and a little retirement from the school district here, but not enough to stop working. Will work part time . I’m not sure of Gods timing , but i know He has the blueprint and the plan for my life. If you know of a little house for rent or a job working with children please let me know.

    Prayerfully and Sincerely

    In Christ Love, Mary

  4. Hi Warren,

    Was looking to see if you were still around and low and behold here you are.

    I wanted to drop you a line and let you and Becky know I love you and I hope you are well.


    • Hi Bonnie, yeah still around after all these years. Good to hear from you. I saw your mom and dad this last Sunday at Paul Duclos home. they look really well.
      So sad about Pauly as we all remember him, especially from his younger years and times at SOL. If I remember things accurately, Isaac Lehr really loved Pauly. Now they can spend some time!


  5. Warren,
    I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have come across your blog. I hold you so very dear in my heart, and Becky too. We had dinner with you both, before you agreed to marry Marc and I in Mendocino on June, 21, 2003…do you remember? What a blessed day that was. And Marc and I still think of you often with such high regards. We moved to Flagstaff, AZ in Oct 2010- and lost most of our contact info in the transition. I think of you often and have wanted to send you some note, to let you know we still think of you and smile. I read your bio and of your work as a chaplain. I thought, “no wonder I love you!” End of life work is very near and dear to my heart. I am currently finishing my doctorate in clinical psychology. I resonate strongly with your love of nature and your love of people. Forever etched into my heart were you! Blessings to you and Becky and all of your family! God Bless You! Wishing you the happiest of holidays, now and always. Love, Carisa & Marc Authier

  6. I’d read your blogs, I subscribed after reading about “wrath” defined from the original bible text from your blog. i heard about wrath being the wrong word to translate it to, did a google search, and your blog came up. Why is the truth so hard to find when it comes to correctly interpreting the bible vocabulary?
    I was looking into penal substation and came across joshua tongol YouTube about it. I’ve been listening to his ministry ever since, 2 weeks ago! It’s like I’ve got my joy back that I originally had after reading the scriptures. So many church messages distorted my view of God over time. I don’t want to leave church (religion yes if thats what the church we go to is all about) but I want the truth taught Gods way, thru a heart of love.
    That’s how I found your blog. I was so excited when I read about the real meaning of wrath in a couple of places, but not many talk nor know about it. I ran in to the bedroom, woke my husband up & said its really true. God is not angry, demanding, conditional, nor disappointed in us ever! I cried tears of Joy still when I reflect on the God I thought he was in the beginning, a God of pure love for his creation.
    Do you have any book recommendations that may help me relearn and learn more about what the scriptures really reveal? I don’t believe he is as exclusive as many churches make him out to be, when I realized this I shared the gospel out of love again & not out of fear like I started to bc i got very works driven and lost my passion for Him. Fear based faith got me no where btw, ESP in ministering to others.

    • Wow, I so appreciate your comments, sounds like you are getting free of “Christian dogma”! I was raised in a very works oriented denomination, ran from it until 33 years of age. One favorite book (I have many). Is entitled, “Yes, And, Meditations” by Richard Rohr, beautifully written by a man who follows Christ and has been truly liberated from static religion. I would be happy to share more with you if you would like to stay in touch!

      Warren Hays (lwhays@att.net)

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Thank you! I will look for this book 🙂

        Do you have a post about your journey away from the dogma?

        I really had no clue that it was a works place I started approaching things from. i started relying on the church messages & sunday school to be my my spiritual life that my time of meditationg on gods word and listening for him just went away. It saddens me knowing others get into church life without ever really coming to know God first thru the scriptures, ESP. The revealing of the Fathers real nature thru Jesus Christ. I see it many get caught up in doing what He says your “natural response” will be to my unconditional love for you. yet we dont really learn much about his love, mybe bc the pastors haven’t experianced it themselves? We get burnt out bc it’s coming from our own efforts not a heart of true love for him, bc we don’t really know him. The only reason I can relate to these church members is bc this is how I approached mothering 😦 thank goodness my kids are still young but the yrs I put us thru misery! Many years before I was a mom ( think 10 yrs!) I read and read books on how to be a great mom, what I should do as a Christian mom etc… I was burnt out after 5 yrs bc I never just loved my kids the way I would have if I didn’t come from A list I made I must do to be a good mom. It was works and fear driven mothering not just pure love and enjoyment of my kids.
        Sorry I write so much! Hope your still here Laude 😉

        Maybe you can simply put up a post of a list of your favorite books & writings about our Father that have helped you come back into a love affair with Him. I’m lost on who I can trust to read anymore. My church background leaned toward Calvinistic.

        Btw- it’s only been a couple of weeks of awakings and starting to think for myself again. I have a long way to go (grow) in his love.

      • I was raised in a denomination called “Church of God” the headquarters was and still is I believe in Anderson Indiana. It was considered a “Holiness” church, whatever that means, only God is holy and we who have placed our trust in Jesus are joined with Him in His holiness. Growing up in the church, they did not allow lipstick, movies, dancing and all that they were against. I realize that they were building their foundation on what they were against as opposed to what they were for. I think we tend to do that, in other words we define ourselves by what we are against. So we pick our favorite groups of people to be against, such as gays, lesbians, abortionists, the list goes on and on. While I may not condone those activities I must take the stand Jesus took when the religious leaders of His day also took their stand regarding what they were against, which was everything and everyone who didn’t look like them. When they brought the woman caught in adultery, he not only did not condemn her, her saved her life. That is my testimony, at my worst, which was pretty bad, He came into my life with love and acceptance, not an axe. When I expected the worst to happen because of my sin, He met me with an opposite spirit. The term “Opposite Spirit” is important in a spiritual sense because we meet hate with love, idolatry with worship of God, Dogma happened for me when I was a young christian and quit my bad habits, I became indignant of those who still did what I no longer did. It is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We can’t handle either. We either go totally corrupt morally or proud of what we don’t do (religion in a negative sense.) We can’t seem to handle our own judgements so we move back and forth between pharisee and the obvious corruption of addictions. They are both corrupt! The antidote for me is not my performance, it is all about my relationship with Jesus Christ, my fellowship with Him, my surrender to Him, everything is about Him. It is about receiving His love, not performing for Him. He doesn’t need more “good christians” He desires lovers, those who will respond to the great inheritance of life He offers. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, against these no law can stand. You’ve probably heard it said, “There is no perfect church, if you find one, don’t attend, you’ll ruin it! I don’t think there is any group of christians that is perfect, I have had to drop all my judgments against organized religion just as I drop judgements against other people groups. When I do this, I am free to love them and isn’t it for freedom that Christ has set us free? As far as reading many books I have had to lighten up on reading what others are saying and just begin to meditate, spend time alone with God and ask Him to speak to me in the quiet, restful place. It is very hard to do this in the business of our culture and our lives but absolutely necessary. There is no one author that has a handle on the truth, we all have a piece. I believe you’ll begin to see what others don’t see, you have as much as any of us.



  7. Just ran across your blog as I was considering the wrath of God and see that you have not posted in a couple years… I hope you are well and merely contemplative and holding off on writing for a while… Your thoughts and writing are provocative and a blessing to read… Best, Chris

    • Chris, thanks for your encouragement, I am back in the game regarding blogs, I was just becoming tired of my own thoughts! Like blah, blah, blah but as I read back over some of them I feel inspired again. I preach each Sunday so maybe I will blog a portion of my sermons.

  8. Hi warren,
    This is Lanna Barber I looking to see how you and Becky are doing so happy to see all is well
    I hope to come home to visit this year and hope to see everyone I am going to a 4 square church I very much enjoy and went to a retreat called cleansing stream it was instance but
    very good.
    Well back to work just wanted to let you know this chicken is still kicking.
    God Bless you both, much love to the both of you Lanna
    P.S. any word on Glenda ?

  9. So glad we made contact it dose my hart good.
    All contact you guys when I am in town hope to come to your service Gods speed brother.
    Lanna Barber

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